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At Bluetower, integrity is the cornerstone of our approach to fiduciary wealth management. Our close-knit team of qualified professionals, working collaboratively for over a decade, fosters trust and ensures that our clients receive the highest level of ethical and principled financial guidance. With us, you can rely on a team committed to maintaining the utmost integrity in every aspect of your port-folio.


Distinguishing ourselves from traditional private banks and advisors, Bluetower prioritises transparency at every turn. Our personnel operate with a commitment to openness, providing a clear and comprehensive view of your financial landscape. Unlike the opaque structures of private banks, we demystify the wealth management process, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Experience a new standard of clarity.


Our mission is to redefine value in fiduciary wealth management by eliminating hidden fees and charges, we prioritise a transparent financial relationship with our clients. This commitment ensures that you not only receive exceptional service but also understand precisely where your money is allocated. Our dedication to value goes beyond the monetary aspect; it extends to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wealth is managed with integrity and transparency. Choose us for unparalleled value in fiduciary wealth management.

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At the Bluetower International, we take a very different approach. We always put our customers first. We do this through a meticulous analysis of your situation and a thorough evaluation of your personal goals. If we can not significantly improve your situation, you pay nothing.

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“With our range of services we strive to meet all your financial needs and provide you with expert guidance and support along your wealth management journey. Trust us to be your fiduciary international advisor, dedicated to delivering exceptional service and helping you achieve your financial goals.”


+Tailored Solutions, Consistent Returns.

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Foreign Exchange

+ Currency Confidence

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Swiss, US Private Banking & Insurance Wrapper Platforms

+ Bespoke Solutions, Global Access

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Life Insurance Consultation/Clawback

+ Optimise Your Coverage

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International Transition & Golden Visa Application in Europe

+ Invest, Reside, Thrive

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Real Estate Services

+ Beyond Boundaries

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Who are we?

Juvenal Galeno


Investing for over 15 years and with 8 years of invaluable experience in the digital asset realm, Juvenal stands as a seasoned veteran in this rapidly realm. His expertise spans beyond digital markets, incorporating a profound understanding of international real estate and relocation services. With a rich background in project development and algorithmic trading, Juvenal assumes a pivotal role in leading our software development teams. Tasked with implementing not only successful trading strategies but also synergizing digital assets, he brings a multifaceted approach that propels Bluetower into the forefront of comprehensive financial solutions.

Juvenal Galeno


As a current Director of Blue Tower International, Simon has been actively engaged in the global financial markets and as a business consultant since the early 2000s, accumulating over 20 years of experience working diverse traditional financial instruments. He brings expertise of running and coordinating successful projects from the ground up, considering the structures needed and tax efficient planning required for today is evolving landscapes. Under his guidance, Bluetower International manoeuvres through the intricacies of international finance and does so with a strategic and forward-thinking mindset, ensuring success in a dynamic global landscape.

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